Football season, finally. 

Sports, Woodland

It feels like a lifetime that we’ve been able to watch football. Why does this season seem so short? Blink an eye and your kid crossed the goal line, hope you didn’t miss it. 

Well you won’t necessarily have to miss it. If you see a big guy with Ray-bans, a killer mustache and a camera, then make sure you stop by the galleries section of my website and treat yourself to a digital download or order a traditional print or canvas. 

See you on the field!


Class of 2015

Graduation, Woodland

When then weather changes and it starts getting humid around 12 pm, that means there’s lots of anxious and excited High School Seniors waiting for that last bell to ring in the beginning of June. Lots of big changes are on the horizon for them and though High School affords them the opportunity to open their minds, it really teaches them about how to network. The chapters after high school begin to define who these seniors will be. Initially I would’ve liked a Do-Over for my school days but i realize that its everything that came after that changed everything. Being in the position to take these Senior pictures is so interesting to me. Its really a beginning of a story for each one. I’m thankful for the opportunity to be invited into that for my cousin Danny. Hes got big plans and definitely a leg up on most people because hes starting off with a direction.I was too busy trying to simply Graduate let alone figure out what i was going to do next. (Speaking of which, Thank you Mrs Murphy I know I didn’t deserve to graduate. You definitely did me a solid.)

Congrats in advance to you cousin, and to all the HS seniors!  Danny-1-39