Football season, finally. 

Sports, Woodland

It feels like a lifetime that we’ve been able to watch football. Why does this season seem so short? Blink an eye and your kid crossed the goal line, hope you didn’t miss it. 

Well you won’t necessarily have to miss it. If you see a big guy with Ray-bans, a killer mustache and a camera, then make sure you stop by the galleries section of my website and treat yourself to a digital download or order a traditional print or canvas. 

See you on the field!


New Web Page!


I’ve been working on a new web page that will make it easy to share my favorite photos, schedule a session online, and hopefully make it easier to get in touch with you.

Take it for a spin and let me know your thoughts. Odds are you’ll see someone you recognize.If you do, feel free to tag them!

Click to view Mons Photography on the Internets

Luv is the middle name


August 5th is my true calendar year. I can’t remember much before that.  And so another year flies and each day more of her individuality and personality comes out and she makes me proud (even when she’s being a creep). Blessed for the past 8 years and I’ll be  taking my time enjoying what’s next. 

Remi Luv, I love you.